Types of Ice

Ice Types

At Strong Refrigeration, we know our clients have unique needs, so we make it our mission to offer an extensive array of quality options. Each one of the icemakers we sell produces a unique size and shape of ice. Whether you need ice that is easy to work with or will not melt as quickly as traditionally made ice cubes, we are sure to have a type of ice you'll love.

Gourmet Ice

Due to its unique conical shape and hard, crystal-clear composition, gourmet ice is perfect for use in all types of drinks. Bars, restaurants and cafes can use gourmet ice to make their beverages stand out.

Cube Ice

The cube ice produced by our Ice-O-Matic models is fresh and clear. It is available in a full or half cube and preserves the flavour of beverages, cooling drinks without melting too quickly. Bar owners can benefit from this slow-melting ice type.

Nugget Ice

Follett's unique nugget ice was preferred by nearly 85% of interviewed customers. Nugget ice is chewable and its shimmering appearance makes drinks look great. We carry products that produce regular and mini nugget ice. This type of ice is suitable for displaying as well as use in office spaces, restaurants, hospitals and nursing facilities. Nugget ice also blends easily, causing minimal wear and tear to blenders and making it ideal for use in juice bars. Additionally, nugget ice can allow users to save water and energy due to the unique way it is made.

Flake/Sub Zero Scale Ice

Flake ice is very easy to work with. Ideal for presentation and preservation of perishable food items, supermarkets, bakeries and fish markets can use flake ice to extend shelf life and complement the appearance of all kinds of foods in order to boost sales. Flake ice is also useful in the transportation of perishable foods.