At Strong Refrigeration, we are committed to offering products our clients can depend on, so we keep our facility well-stocked with some of the most reliable units created by top brands in the industry. The brands we sell include:

We offer several Follett products. The Symphony Series Ice & Water Dispenser, Maestro Nugget & Flake Ice Dispenser and Horizon Series Ice Maker are all ideal for those looking to save money on water and electrical costs. These models allow users to save up to 100,000 litres of water per year and can lead to an energy savings of 30%. In addition to these attractive water and ice dispensers, we offer several Follett products that are designed to make ice transportation and storage a simple, sanitary process.

Our Delfield products are perfect for use in cafes and restaurants. The under-counter refrigerators and freezers we offer feature exclusive ABS interiors that are extremely durable, resist chipping, corrosion and fading. The Delfield Versa features four food storage drawers that can be used for freezing, refrigeration, chilling, or thawing and makes cross contamination a thing of the past.

The Grant ice machines we offer are made with advanced technology, combining outstanding performance with economical energy consumption to suit a wide range of commercial and industrial needs. Each unit is made with high-quality steel, produces ice at -9 degrees and requires minimum maintenance.

Our Ice-O-Matic gourmet icemakers and dispensers are ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Each model's unique size, shape and design allows our customers to choose the look they want while getting the quality they need.

We proudly carry several products made by the world's No. 1 icemaker, Hoshizaki. The Hoshizaki icemakers we sell produce clear, hard ice that looks great in beverages. The ice has a slow melting rate and comes in several different ice types.