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about-1We Service Wholesale and Retail Fish Shops, Restaurants, Hospitals, Cafes, Large Industrial factories, Vegetable growers and Supermarkets.

So when you think "Ice" think Strong Refrigeration, as we have the solution for any commercial and industrial application.

About Us

Strong Refrigeration is a locally owned family business by Godfrey Strong, which specialises in sales and servicing of all makes and models of Ice machines suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

We service wholesale and retail Fish shops, Restaurants, Hospitals, Cafes, Large industrial factories, Vegetable growers and supermarkets. When you think “Ice” think Strong Refrigeration, as we have the solutions for any commercial and Industrial applications.

We have Ice products from manufactures all over the world to enhance your Ice needs (cube ice, granular ice, mini and large chewblet ice, sub zero flake ice crescent ice ect) The machines we sell are : Ice O Matic, Follett, Grant & Hoshizaki to name a few and most of these machines meet or exceed the Australia standards for power and water consumption.
Our ability to deliver a great product at a competitive price with old fashion service and values combined with excellent after sales technical support ensures our customers loyalty to us.

Strong Refrigeration is an “Ice” specialist. Need “Ice” think “Strong” every time!